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May 2006 Trivia Quiz

    1. 100 years ago 8% of U.S. homes had a telephone.
    2. 100 years ago the American flag had 45 stars.
    3. Karen Irvine is our local shell craft guru.
    4. The most common Charlotte County code violations are abandoned vehicles, unkempt lawns, and junk in the yard.
    5. The inability to smile may indicate someone has suffered a stroke.
    6. Will Rogers said, "Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgment."
    7. Sandy Johnson is from North Reading, Massachusetts and Pete Johnson is from Middleton, Massachusetts.
    8. The Links in Rotonda/Windward is the golf course that used to be part of Cape Haze.
    9. Medal play is another name for "stroke play" in golf.
    10. Florida become a state in 1845.










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