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County Waste Water Initiative 2013

Charlotte County administration instituted a process that could have brought sewer lines to Cape Haze in the early months of 2013.  Such a development would have required all home owners to abandon their septic systems and instead connect their homes to a new waste water line. The cost for this project would have been born, at least in part, by individual home owners as an assessment added to yearly property tax bills.

Residents of the community formed a committee to serve as the focal point for gathering and disseminating all available information concerning this project. In addition, the CHPOA Board of Directors authorized this committee to represent the interests of its members.  The committee was chaired by Lee Buechler and included CHPOA President Art Hanson, Bill Snyder, Percy Angelo, Marv Medintz, Bill Dahms, Ross Witschonke, and Homer Hoe.  This CHPOA website was selected as the primary means for making information available to Cape Haze property owners and it was visited heavily during the process.

The committee members were very active in meetings and correspondence with county officials and also conducted a survey by mail to gauge community sentiment.  Our survey results correctly predicted that the County would discover broad opposition for the proposal.  CCU did in fact uncover little support for the initiative and, as of May, 2013, the project has been abandoned.

Public Meetings and CCU Survey Results

Representatives from Charlotte County Utilities (CCU) hosted three identical meetings in the Cape Haze Community Center, two on Thursday, February 14 and a third in the evening of Thursday, February 21.   Bruce Bullert, Charlotte County Engineering Services Manager, provided a great deal of information on the engineering challenges and solutions that could be employed.  He estimated that the assessments could be $13,400 for each home and $7,400 for each vacant lot.  You may view a detailed compilation of questions and answers from CCU by clicking here or by choosing the "Questions/Answers" link on the left of this page. 

Mr. Bullert stated that the will of the community would determine the fate of the project.  Should a majority desire service, CCU would install the system.  However, if a majority rejected the proposal, then the project would terminate.  To determine the level of support within the community, CCU conducted a survey of all property owners by mail during March and April, 2013.  The CCU survey results were made public in early May and revealed that an overwhelming majority of property owners opposed the project.  CCU formally notified all owners of their termination of the project by mail.  A copy of their letter can be downloaded by clicking here or by selecting the "CCU Final Notice" link on the sub-menu at left.

Committee Survey Results

The Cape Haze committee also conducted its own survey to corroborate CCU's results and to guide it in further dealings with CCU.  That survey was mailed to all property owners on March 4th and contained a ballot to indicate support or opposition for the project - one ballot for each property owned.  The mailing also contained a summary letter describing the project, its estimated costs and impacts, and the committee's arguments for recommending a vote against the project.  The committee received a greater level of participation in its survey than did CCU but the results were the same:  overwhelming opposition to the project.  You may download a table showing the results of the committee's survey by clicking here or on the the link at left.




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