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Community Center Remodel 2010

When we began to explore options for redesign of the outdoor space created when the community swimming pool was removed, the membership provided strong feedback that a more pressing need could be found indoors.  Specifically, the restrooms in our Community Center had not been updated since the 1950s, when the building was new.  By a nearly unanimous vote in the fall of 2009, the membership approved a project that included:

bulletcomplete remodeling of both the men's and ladie's restrooms
bulletcreation of handicap access restroom facilities
bulletother modifications to make the entire building accessible to handicapped persons
bulletincorporation of the space formally occupied by the pool pumps and filters into the interior of the Community Center

A committee was formed to look into these tasks, budgets were developed, bids were collected, and a contract was awarded for the work.  During the summer months of 2010, a team of volunteers led by Directors Art Hanson and Mary Lou Fitzgerald brought the project to completion.  In addition to achieving the goals listed above, new carpeting was installed throughout - thanks to a donation from the Cape Haze Women's Club - and storage space within the Community Center was vastly increased.  Besides Art and Mary Lou, CHPOA extends its thanks to members Barb Hanson, Jack Fitzgerald, Clare and Don Landmann, Bev and Bob Martin, Sharon and Bill Blasdell, and Jim Kexel for pitching in when needed. 

A second committee looked at ways to improve the landscaping around the Community Center.  The members of this committee, Penny Rieley, Clare Landmann, Jeanne Corbin, and Pat Witschonke, worked to create a more open, inviting garden, facilitated by the removal of the chain-link fencing that formally protected the swimming pool.  Their results speak for themselves in the warm, lush plantings that now grace the exterior of our Community Center.  CHPOA extends a special "thank you" to those who gave freely of their time and effort for the good of our community.

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