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Postings from the Board                    

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Current Postings

Proposed Change to CHPOA Bylaws
(posted 2/17/2017)

At the upcoming Spring Membership Meeting (Saturday, April 8, 10:00AM at the Community Center), the membership will vote on a change to our Bylaws as proposed by our Board of Directors.  The change has to do with the creation of a standing Audit Committee to oversee our Treasurer's accounts.  The proposal reads as follows:

Proposed Addition to By-Laws

Article VI-Committees

"D.  Audit Committee.  The Audit Committee, appointed by the President, shall consist of 1 or 2 individuals, excluding any Cape Haze Board members and the assistant treasurer, if there is one.

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to:

1.      Attain independent assurance that all financial records represent the financial conditions of CHPOA.

2.     Ensure that the year's financial activity has been properly recorded in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

3.     Ensure adherence with the Constitution and By-Laws and all other policies and procedures.

The committee shall provide the results of its Audit to the President of CHPOA by March  31st of the year following the fiscal year examined. The President shall report the committee’s findings to the Board at the April Directors Meeting and to the Membership at the April Special Meeting."


Cape Haze Speed Limited Lowered
(posted 3/19/2016)

On March 8, 2016, the Board of County Commissioners passed an ordinance which set the speed limit for the entire Cape Haze subdivision at 25 MPH.  The speed limit had previously been 30 MPH.  Please be aware of this change and drive safely.

Flood Insurance Reform
(posted 2/24/2014)

Most of us have heard of changes being implemented in the law governing the FEMA flood insurance program.  Many folks seem to, at best, have a vague understanding of these changes and what it could mean for real estate values in Cape Haze.

Florida legislators in both the House and the Senate have made recent attempts to mitigate the planned premium increases, but their efforts have failed to make it through the necessary committees during this past Congressional session.  The authors of the legislation have remarked that the large, immediate impact on coastal properties was unexpected and not intended.  What happens next is unclear.

To help understand these issues, the Women's Club scheduled a presentation by insurance professionals held at the Community Center on February 19th.  The event was well attended and much valuable information was provided.  The presentation stressed that contacting our elected officials is the most effective way to mitigate the unintended negative impacts of this new law.  Click here to download notes from this event, including contact information for our state and federal representatives.

In addition, you can click here to download a Q&A document.  By clicking here, you can visit the FEMA website describing the new law and it's implementation.

Deed Restriction Enforcement
(posted 1/25/2010)

As you probably know, our neighborhood has long standing deed restrictions that were created to protect individual property values, and the utility and enjoyment by all, of our entire neighborhood.  The restrictions, when adhered to, offer a unique opportunity for cohesion amongst all of us as neighbors—by treating these restrictions as minimum standards for the condition and treatment of our property within the neighborhood, we honor ourselves and show respect to our neighbors by allowing them the maximum benefit of owning property in this beautiful neighborhood with such a rich history.

In an effort to utilize our limited resources effectively over years past, the homeowner’s association has relied on various measures ranging from: letters, discreet discussions with owners, and public reminders in our newsletters and on our website to enforce the Cape Haze deed restrictions.  Unfortunately, the efficacy of these more gentle measures has waned as adherence to the restrictions has slipped.

The Homeowner’s Association will therefore be stepping up enforcement measures in 2010 with an initial focus on the most egregious violations, these being the parking of boats, trailers, campers on properties and the non-maintenance of property.  Applicable law requires that prior to any suit being filed by the Association we first invite owners in violation of the restrictions to mediation for resolution.

While it is our most sincere wish that matters do not escalate to a state that will require the employment of such costly resolutions for all of us, the matter of compliance has reached a point where we feel compelled to take additional action.  The process henceforth will be first a notice of violation with a suggested remedy and a request for a response.  If ignored or there is a disagreement with suggested remedy, the Homeowner’s Association will take additional action.

We sincerely hope that this letter is taken at its face value as a righteous attempt to protect your property values and enjoyment of the neighborhood.  The Homeowner’s Association is a neighborly body trying to do right by all residents of the neighborhood and we beseech you to show your support in this effort, and to do your part to maintain the beauty, unity, and integrity of Cape Haze.

Neighborhood Watch Program Update
(posted 10/16/09)

In response to an increase in criminal activity in the area, we are re-activating our Neighborhood Watch program of “Neighbors Looking Out for Neighbors” in conjunction with the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office (CCSO).  As a first step, we are going to have a representative of the CCSO explain the overall program. This initial meeting will be held at the Community Center on Saturday November 14th as part of our Special Members meeting that day at 4 PM.  The read more about this initiative, click here.



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