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Common Area Maintenance Program

The Common Area Maintenance (CAM) program, administered by the CHPOA Board of Directors, can be considered a mini “Department of Public Works” aimed at maintaining Cape Haze as a trim and beautiful community.  CHPOA collects a modest yearly fee from all property owners within Cape Haze to fund this critical program, which includes the following year-long maintenance projects:

  1. Maintenance of both sides of the Cape Haze Drive entrance - including weeding, trimming, mowing, fertilizing, and maintaining the watering system.  Repair of the electrical lighting and its timer are also included.  When Cape Haze signs need repair, CAM covers that expense.

  2. On-going maintenance of the fountain and the surrounding planted area, cost of the water and its weekly treatment and cleaning. 

  3. Maintenance of the lawn and gardens on the north side of the fountain - including weeding, trimming, fertilizing and mowing of the road area up to the bridge.

  4. Trimming, weeding, fertilizing, mowing, and general clean up of the north and south entrances to Cape Haze.

  5. Replacing the American flag at the bulletin board area when required.

  6. Trimming around Ibis and Eagle Islands.  Major trimming is done every five years to insure unobstructed safe passage of boats.  Touch-up trimming is done annually.

  7. Yearly trimming of trees along the roadside right-of-way for empty lots.  Cuttings are mulched and left around those trees to control weeds.

  8. General clean-up along roadside right-of-way when and where needed.

Residents frequently volunteer to help out in various areas as needed.




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